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Welcome to the official website for major attractions at Liberty Square, where you can dine, shop, and relax. Try out the best dishes in the street in award-winning restaurants and shop for handcrafted furniture in some of the traditional stores.

Shop. Dine. Relax.

Explore the best shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment stores at Liberty Square. Get a complete online guide to every corner of the locality. Make reservations at the finest restaurants and spend some quality time trying out award-winning recipes.


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We offer our guests the best value of experience by guiding them to the best products available in the market. We value quality in products and wholesome foods that we offer. The staff members will always be available to help you. Enjoy your visit to Liberty Square.

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Outdoor Furniture Makers

Explore the handcrafted furniture designs and artifacts for sale.

Liberty Square Shops

Explore a range of shops and restaurants at Liberty Square.

Telescope Casual

Enjoy shopping at Telescope Casual for the best clothing for every season.


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Henkel Harris

Explore the fine fashion range for men and women at Henkel Harris.

Leather Craft

Shop for handmade leather clothes and accessories made in the county.

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I definitely enjoyed my stay at the county and enjoyed every day of shopping and exploring the streets. The people are welcoming, and the food is mesmerizing.

Franklyn S Wright

I am glad that I found the online website for Liberty Square that helped me find the restaurants that are known for their food and comfort. I had a great time.

Matthew H Nunes

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The Bistro Bar & Grille

Dine at the award-winning Bistro Bar & Grill.

Galileo’s Italian Food

Enjoy the finest recipes from Italy prepared by the finest chefs.

Gift Basket

Purchase gift baskets from the county for your loved ones as you head back home.

Pet-Friendly Terrace

Dine at pet-friendly restaurants, so you do not have to worry about your pets.

Private Dining Rooms

Make reservations and celebrate your special occasions with your family and friends.

Wisconsin Cheeses

Explore a range of homemade cheese and products at Wisconsin Cheeses.


Best Place To Eat Healthy As Well As Best Restaurants

Try out some of the award-winning recipes with homegrown organic ingredients. Enjoy the comfort and ambiance of the finest restaurants in the locality.

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